List of 5 Undiscovered Treasures Until Now

List of 5 Undiscovered Treasures Until Now – From the past, there have always been stories of hidden treasures hidden in various regions. Whether it’s just a myth or it really does exist, many people turn out to be obsessed with hunting for these unknown valuables for various reasons. Do you want to be rich or just fun.

List of 5 Undiscovered Treasures Until Now


perfisio – From various stories, there are some treasures that actually exist and have not been found until now. The following are some of them.

1. Treasure Five

In 1820, the captain of the English ship William Thompson took his ship Mary Dear out of the islands of Lima to take away valuables. These items were Spanish treasures and were transported because there was a revolution in Lima. But Thompson and his crew were tempted to end up carrying and burying the treasures.

The ship Mary Dear was captured and the entire crew was executed, with the exception of Thompson and his first crew. The two men also agreed to show the location of the treasure. But in the middle of their trip, they fled and never met again. Their disappearance at the same time eliminates the treasure’s existence.
2. Nazi gold on Lake Toplitz

During World War II, the Nazis drowned many containers and other items in Lake Toplitz in Russia. No one knows why they did all that, but some think it was a German attempt to overthrow the Allied economy under the name “Operation Bernhard.”

A number of divers are sent into the lake to search for these treasures. Several were found, from missiles to printing presses, but divers say they saw the plane sink there.

It is believed that there are more treasures that contain gold, diamonds, and others. But considering Lake Toplitz is notoriously dangerous, until now no one has actually been able to find the treasure. In fact, it is said that someone died while diving.

3. French golden owl

In April 1993, someone who goes by the name Max Valentin is believed to have hidden a golden owl in the French countryside. He promised one million francs to whoever found him and for that, he gave 11 clues about the owl’s location.

Unfortunately, in 2009, Valentin died and ended up keeping the owl hidden. In an interview in 1997, he said some people were actually very close to the treasure, but they still couldn’t find them.

4. El Dorado’s treasure

Have you ever heard of the El Dorado legend? El Dorado is the name given by the Spanish government to the chief of the Muisca tribe in Colombia. It is said that the chieftain was covered with gold dust and often threw treasures into Lake Guatavita in honor of his god.

Even though it is just a legend, El Dorado is believed to exist. Many of them have been hunting for this treasure since the 16th century, but have found only a small amount of gold.

Once in 1911, there was a company that managed to drain the entire lake. But unfortunately the mud at the bottom dried up and hardened until the treasure was trapped there and could not be retrieved.

5. Royal chests

In 1800, someone named Izabela Czartoryska made a royal chest. Inside are 73 valuable relics that used to belong to the Polish empire, including silver watches, chains, rosaries and more.

During World War II, the coffin was moved to Sieniawa, a city in southeastern Poland. Since then, no one has found out where the chest is. Several rumors circulated that the Nazi military took the chest. What is clear, Izabela’s belongings have never been found.

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