Young Emperor Caligula and His Favorite Horse Appointed to the Senate

Young Emperor Caligula and His Favorite Horse Appointed to the Senate – One of the unique historical records between Caligula and his horse, this animal was once rumored to have occupied the seat of the Roman senate. This has been a story in Rome for centuries. But in fact Caligula’s horse never sat in the senate at all.

Young Emperor Caligula and His Favorite Horse Appointed to the Senate


perfisio – One of the most popular theories is that it was in fact the emperor’s way of criticizing the Roman consuls, whose underperformance was like soybeans. As a result, as a form of sarcasm, Caligula included his horse in this political elite group.

Emperor Caligula’s leadership style was very different from that of his predecessors, Augustus and Tiberius. Arguably, Augustus as the “first emperor” he positioned himself as the leading politician of the Republic, not a king. His successor, the sour Tiberius, tried instead to turn down as many monarchist awards as possible.
Caligula, on the other hand, is a young man in his mid-twenties. He was interested in trying out the ceremonial traditions and styles of dress of kings around Rome.

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This Roman youth was very fond of horse racing. As a young emperor, he participated in many horse racing competitions even beyond the customs of other nobles. Caligula also often holds parties with his friends in a large stable.

Emperor Caligula’s behavior towards his horse habit attracted resentment from the other nobility. Especially the group of consuls who Caligula often insinuated.

The story of the emperor Claudius “Caligula” and his horse who was nicknamed Incitatus, then became the story of a young Roman emperor who dared to criticize the consul with the parable of a horse. This has led to the suspicion that his horse had actually been included in the political elite.

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